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Talkin' Corvettes: with Barry Konken

Owning and driving a Corvette is only part of the experience. Making it your own is something really special. Corvettes have an enormous amount of parts, accessories, and personalization items available. These items are available from Chevrolet and literally hundreds of aftermarket and specialty manufacturing companies. Here at Jerry’s Chevrolet we cater to each person’s wants and desires of making their car something special and truly one-of-a-kind. Here is an example of one of our special cars we recently finished for a customer.

It all started with a call one day from a customer in Colorado. He was looking at one of our most recent advertisements featuring our 600HP Edelbrock E-Force Supercharged Corvettes. He was intrigued in the fact that we were a Chevrolet dealership adding performance upgrades to brand new cars. This struck a cord with him because in 1968 he purchased a brand new Camaro SS 396. Before taking delivery he had the dealership remove the original 396 and install a brand new high performance 427. Like many with similar stories, that 68 Camaro is long gone, but he thought here was a chance to do it all over again. On the phone we visited about his thoughts and performance goals. Within a few weeks a trip to Beresford was planned to meet us in person. On that day we confirmed plans for what was to become a true super car.

A few weeks later his custom ordered brand new 2011 Grand Sport Coupe arrived at our dealership. The car in itself was something unique: Jetstream Blue Metallic with Pearl White Heritage Stripes, Two Tone Titanium & Ebony Leather, Dry Sump 436HP 6.2L LS3, 6 Speed Manual, and Magnetic Selective Ride Control. As crazy as it seems with only 2 miles on the odometer we immediately began disassembling the car allowing for the upgrades to be installed. The list was extensive. First a high performance ZR1 clutch with lightweight flywheel and high performance fuel pump were installed. Next ceramic coated long tube headers, high flow catalytic convertors, 3 inch exhaust with an X-pipe and an electronic switch to open and close the factory dual mode exhaust mufflers. Underhood the Edelbrock E-Force intercooled Supercharger was installed along with a custom ZR1 water to oil engine oil cooler. The suspension was treated to high performance sway bars and stainless steel brake lines with high temperature fluid. To make the stand out from the crowd we also installed a custom high rise vented hood and body colored ZR1 front splitter, side skirts and racing rear spoiler. The front bumper and rocker panels were covered in clear bra to protect the finish. Custom chrome plated Spider Wheels and special high performance tires were also installed. For additional safety the interior received a harness bar and 6 point racing seatbelts for both driver and passenger.

The results were simply astounding. A stunning show stopper with 643HP and 653 lb/ft Torque. A car that still offers all the amenities of a modern day car: air conditioning, power heated lumbar seats, and a Bose CD Audio System w/satellite radio. Plus it drives like a completely stock car – no rough idle, or “turbo lag”, it won’t overheat in traffic and it runs on 91 premium fuel. It is so docile you could drive it every day. Open up the exhaust and put your foot into it and the car completely transforms into a 200+MPH rocketship. A true modern “Super Car”.


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