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Fantastic 50

Written By: Emily Pogue

Celebrating 50 years of doing anything consistently is a huge feat and one that most people would take as an opportunity to slow down, work on their golf game, and enjoy the idle days of life.

However, as Active Generations celebrates their 50th year, not only are they not slowing down, they are looking toward the future and hoping to bring more services to more people. There’s no better way to honor the last 50 years than with an extra special year of their Annual Classic Car and Motorcycle Show.

The 50th Anniversary of Active Generations will be celebrated at their Classic Car and Motorcycle Show to be held on September 13th from 5pm-7pm at Active Generations in Sioux Falls. In addition to incredible rides, attendees can expect some added fun with more food vendors, a bigger selection of beverage options, and a live band. There are no entrance fees for the public to attend; proceeds of beverage sales will be given to Active Generations to broaden the area of their reach and amplify the impact they have on our community. And to do that, they hope to entice people to attend by filling the lot with a variety of classic cars and smooth motorcycles. 

Gerald Beninga, President and CEO of Active Generations, will be showing his own car: a reconditioned 1930 Ford Model A which has been owned by his family for nearly 60 years.  Originally purchased by his grandparents in the ‘50s, Beninga remembers riding on the running boards when his grandparents would pick him up. He and his wife later bought the car at his grandparents’ estate sale and he began restoration of the Model A. Beninga chose not to use synthetic material for the rehab; his goal was to stay true to the history of the car. His respect for the automobile industry is undeniable – something he practices as head of the nonprofit organization as well.

Active Generations originally started as a nonprofit in 1968 as Senior Citizens Services in downtown Sioux Falls. They moved to their current location at 2300 W. 46th St. in 1997. Within the last 25 years alone, their programs have grown from helping an average of 750 people per year to a whopping 11,000 recorded last year. Programs range from nutrition assistance such as Meals on Wheels in four local counties, to congregate dining places in six counties. Active Generations hosts both physical health classes and educational classes. Through the Bridges program, they help provide retirees reentering the workforce with necessary employment skills. They also provide tax assistance programs for low to moderate income seniors and disabled people and provide part D Medicare reviews to help people find cost-effective ways to remain on essential prescriptions. Another program, Workers on Wheels, is designed to offer maintenance services such as lawn care, snow removal, handyman help, and overall home assistance to help people remain safely in their homes as long as possible. Thanks to more than 1,000 volunteers and support through fundraising efforts, Beninga hopes to sustain and build upon their mission of independence.

“We want to keep people as independent as possible for as long as possible, keep their homes, and respect the fastest growing population of our society,” says Beninga.

The Annual Classic Car and Motorcycle Show is one way Active Generations is raising funds to continue to expand services locally, while also allowing registrants to show off the stories of their unique cars and bikes. Respecting and preserving these stories and the generations that tell of them is important to both car enthusiasts and this wonderful organization.

Registration for car and motorcycle entrants is available on and is open until September 7th. There are no fees to entrants or the public. To find out more about Active Generations or the Classic Car and Motorcycle Show, find them on Facebook or visit





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