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SLYDOG SKIS "We Don't Play Fair" Part 2

Last month we covered just some of the reasons to upgrade from stock to Slydog: Lighter steering, improved handling and less darting. With this much control, customers can match their skis to their sled, and make sure they are noticed when out riding. “Most of our business is by word of mouth and referral. Other riders see our customers’ sleds equipped with our skis, and they want to know where they can get them. It’s the customization and the ease of riding that really sells them.” As well as being able to make these skis look unique, they are also comprised of a very special design. The skis are made up of a Snow Induction design process. “This process improves cornering and side hilling capability. It also creates superior flotation in deep powder and enhanced handling on the trail. By creating its own unique footprint, a Slydog ski minimizes your sled’s tendency to dart toward or hunt for existing snowmobile tracks.


Snow Induction is achieved with the combination of a reverse angle keel and a channel, which narrows as it runs the length of the keel, creating a solid base for the keel to corner against, as well as creating lift when you are in powder. One of the most appealing traits of this technology is that the ski works with the rider while minimizing steering effort. The more aggressive the rider, the more aggressive the ski becomes. Snowcross, deep powder and trail riding snowmobilers, will all benefit from this exciting ski design.”


Want even more customization? Try the Slydog “Real Cool” Bogey Wheels. Combined with the Slydog skis, your sled is sure to be at optimum capability. “The ‘Real Cool’ bogey wheels use a rotating fan blade design that pushes cold air into the front of your skid frame and blows unwanted snow and ice out of the rear of the sled. These wheels help cool your hyfax to protect from excessive wear. Because they’re molded from UHMW material, ice and snow will not stick to the wheels, thus eliminating vibrations caused from out of balance wheels. These wheels are directional, one left wheel and one right wheel are required.” Not only can the “Real Cool” Bogey wheels help your sled, they can make it look better too. These wheels are also customizable, and can be made to match your Slydog Skis! Not only does Slydog specialize in skis and bogey wheels, they’ve got more tricks up their sleeve.


With custom shovels and snow flaps available, they can make sure you are getting the most out of your ride. “For all you mountain riders out there, we have the perfect toy for you! Our snow scoop is molded from UHMW poly so snow and ice won’t stick! It’s designed to be lightweight and tough, and is available in several custom color and style combinations.” Slydog’s custom Snow Flap can replace three different items you may have strapped to your sled at this moment. “We are always trying to come up with innovative products to make the snowmobiling experience better. The new Slydog Snow Flap converts to a snow scoop using the pivot handle that doubles as a hammer and saw. The scoop can also be used as a rescue skid plate for the front of the track or ski spindle. The hammer handle and snow flap/scoop (or skid) are constructed of UHMW-PE, the same material our skis are made from. Choose an optional stainless steel insert that doubles as a shovel cutting edge and adds aesthetics to the tail of your sled.”


With the demand of the Slydog accessories and skis, the company moved their location to a more expansive building. They are currently located in Madison, SD, to the west of the James River John Deere Implement. Previously, Slydog was operated out of Arlington. They have been doing business in Madison for a little over a year now, and are finding their new location beneficial. The word is out on the quality and unique design of the Slydog Skis and other products. Their distributors span the United States, Canada and even Sweden. So whether you’re a weekend rider, or a daily rider, Slydog skis can have you and your sled covered for a safer, more stable and custom designed ride. Slydog Snowmobile Skis, “We don’t play fair!”


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