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Tammen Auto and Tire

Conveniently located off the Hartford exit of I-90, Tammen Auto & Tire Inc. has an amazing reputation in the area. After being previously known as Tammen Oil, current owner, Lynnae Redenius, wanted to maintain the common knowledge of the business, but bring it to a more modern time by changing the name to Tammen Auto & Tire, and the citizens could not be happier that Tammen Auto & Tire has continued it’s success in this small town community. Celebrating five years of service to the Hartford area and surrounding communities, Tammen Auto & Tire wants to thank their amazing customers for their current success and bring awareness to their small town feel, but technology savvy operations.

Like most owners, Redenius is very excited about this business milestone. Redenius works hard to have a positive influence on her community - including being a member and officer of the Hartford Area Chamber since it’s inception to ensure the success of a growing Hartford. Both Redenius and Tammen Auto & Tire were named the volunteer and business of the year in 2015. The award was received for her three years of outstanding service and sponsorship towards the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce. As President, Vice President and Secretary, she has displayed a steadfast dedication toward the betterment of Hartford along with the businesses and citizens. Tammen Auto & Tire was recognized as a pillar of the community. Redenius feels blessed and proud to have received this prestigious award and knows the importance of a strong presence in the community, both as an individual and as a business.

Do not let the small town area deceive you, this is a state-of-the-art facility that promises an accurate diagnosis of customer’s vehicles. This business has had a long history of providing great customer service to the Hartford and surrounding areas, along with interstate travelers who find themselves in a bind. Having been a long-time member of the automotive industry, Redenius understands the importance of technology in this field. Using state-of-the-art scan tools, shop equipment and practices, Tammen Auto & Tire can find the problems your vehicle may be having effectively and accurately. Most customers can expect a day turn around time for their vehicle. And the auto technicians are also kept up to date with technician trainings throughout the year. “In this ever-changing environment, it’s important for my techs to be able to work on the older models along with the 2016 models - and we can fix it right, the first time.”

What most customers might find most surprising about this business is the passion the owner has for the industry and it’s customers. Redenius has worked in the automotive industry for thirty years and hasn’t been deterred from this ever-changing world. Most would think she runs this shop alongside her husband, Kent, who is a full time UPS driver, when in reality, she is doing it all herself and making fellow female car enthusiasts proud. Redenius runs her shop with a sense of pride, family and customer satisfaction, which she believes to be the backbone of her business. Redenius loves the automotive world, and doesn’t view coming to the shop as coming to work. She also views her employees as extended family, and this definitely shows in the atmosphere of the business. Employees are also excited about coming to work, and have a sense of pride in helping customers as much as they can.

The options given to customers who find themselves at a loss of a vehicle are amazing at Tammen Auto & Tire. Features including free local pickup of your vehicle, or if you need a ride back to work they have you covered. Need a loaner vehicle? Those are available too. But other shops also offer these options, so that’s nothing new right? How about this: six months interest free financing on repairs over $299.* Wait, let’s break this down a bit. If a customer comes in for a routine oil change (of which they probably received a reminder postcard from Tammen Auto & Tire) and if a huge safety issue is discovered during their inspection, most customers would find themselves at a loss. This was an unplanned, but necessary repair, and money is not always lying around for these types of emergencies. Tammen Auto & Tire understands and has a way to help with their financing options!
Another fantastic feature that Tammen Auto & Tire offers to customers are follow-up calls. After a vehicle has been repaired, be ready to get a call from their Service Advisor to see how things are going. These calls find customers surprised to hear from him, but they are grateful for their concern of how things are going. Redenius mentions, “It makes sure our customers receive exceptional customer service, and ensures their satisfaction with the work performed. We’ve had customers comment about how they buy a brand new vehicle and never hear from the dealership again, but
when they get new brake pads, Tammen Auto is checking how things are going.”

Not only are customers able to give the shop a call and schedule an appointment, they are also able to do many self-service options online! Need to get new tires? Get a quote from Tammen Auto & Tire online. Receive your oil change reminder postcard and want to get things scheduled? Set up your next repair on their website! Also, knowing the busy lifestyle of travelers today, text and email alerts are also available for estimate approvals and also to notify you when vehicles are finished and ready for pick up!

Redenius wants to thank all the customers that have made the past five years an absolute joy for her and the staff at Tammen Auto & Tire. “Customer service is absolutely the top priority of our business. Without our customers, we have nothing, and we enjoy serving them to the best of our abilities! We have been blessed these past years and cannot wait to continue our success in the future!”


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