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"We Don’t Play Fair" by Lacey Healy

Part 1

Play fair. It’s something our parents teach us when we are little. Make sure everything is done in equal shares and make sure everyone is happy. Slydog Snowmobile Skis refuse to play fair. They do not want to be average. They do not want to be equal with their competitors. Slydog skis rise above the rest by performing better, lasting longer, and making riding easier. From the once a year to the once a day rider, these skis can make your ride smoother and more fun at the same time. By using a material called UHMW PE, their skis are built to withstand the hardest rider and last. With the skis “v” design, they make their own path, instead of the usual hunt and dart most riders are used to. Without the constant pull of finding a path, these skis make your snowmobile easier to handle and float above the snow instead of digging in; making your ride smoother and safer. Sales manager, Brandon Bunker, can relate this to a previous customer. “She was going to sell her snowmobile. She didn’t have the strength to handle it anymore. After installing our skis, her ride became easier to handle and she was able to continue riding.” The easier steering and handling is contributed from the reverse angle keel creating its own path, minimizing hunting and darting.


What about the riders who like to test the limits? The ones who dare to look for adventure? Slydog Skis has you covered there too. The company sponsors more than eight riders who test the limits of these unique skis, and make history doing it. Slydog sponsored Heath Frisby made the first front flip on a snowmobile at the Winter X Games in 2012. “Slydog Skis is proud to have been on board with Heath Frisby during this amazing accomplishment.” So what makes these skis so unique? One of the many reasons is the customization aspect that keeps customers wanting more. “With the Skibuilder on our website, customers can choose their skis, what design they want, what color they want, and if they want to add a flare there’s a decal option also. Each Slydog ski model is available in any of the four styles available: urban camo, swirl, flame or solid. You can customize the colors of the skis by choosing from ten color options. Customers can also add some ‘badass’ to their skis by including the single or triple skull option.”


Not only can a customer choose how to customize their skis, they can choose how aggressive of a ski they would like. With designs like the Hell Hound or the Powder Hound, riders are sure to find the ski that fits their riding style. “The race-inspired Hell Hound features a wider and taller reverse angle keel that runs the full length of the ski to produce the best control imaginable. Each ski’s intake scoop and channel compress snow against the reverse angle keel, creating a solid base for the keel to corner against, as well as creating lift when you are in powder. The Hell Hound’s taller keel means there’s more snow to push against while cornering.The Hell Hound comes standard with a new, stronger race loop. It also has the thickest platform in the Slydog family, making it the strongest and stiffest ski we sell.”


What about the Powder Hound? It also dishes out amazing performance and is available in two sizes. “The 8” Powder Hound is the ultimate ski for deep snow. Its wide platform and newly designed intake scoop create extraordinary lift and flotation in deep powder. We gave this ski a deeper keel than our other models and updated the spindle mount location to improve handling and side hilling. The 8” Powder Hound is the most responsive and versatile ski available. Our 7” Powder Hound was introduced in 2005. This is our original Powder Hound model. It features the same patented keel design as our trail ski, but has a much wider platform and intake scoop for improved flotation and side hilling capabilities.” In 2003, Slydog created their own version of the trail ski. “The Slydog Trail ski continues to be one of the best performance upgrades available for a stock sled. The Trail ski’s light weight and flexible design provide added suspension for a smoother and more controllable ride. Lighter steering, improved handling and less darting - three perfect reasons to upgrade from stock to Slydog.”

Watch for next month's Part 2 of this article, Even More Customization!


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