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After working for over 42 years in the automotive industry, Ed Poile is ready to venture out on his own and start doing what he loves for others. Poile plans to open his new shop, Build My Hotrod, by the end of 2015 and he’s looking for his first customers.


Poile’s love of everything automotive is palpable. I recommend anyone who also shares his views to relax and have a conversation with this car aficionado. Being able to have the chance to hear stories of the multiple projects Poile had completed was quite an honor. He’s worked on everything and has loved every minute of it. Not being a fan of just one particular brand of automobile makes, Poile is one of the most versatile automotive servicemen I’ve met thus far. “I like them all! As long as they are a muscle car, I enjoy them.” Walking into his shop was truly a pleasure, with a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro on the rotisserie, a 1970 Chevelle on the lift, a truly remarkable sight, and a 1968 Ford Mustang GT500E parked out front. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Poile is the proud owner of an “Eleanor.”


Poile’s “Eleanor” is a true testament of his devotion, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. She is immaculate and you can see the amount of pride he takes in the work put into this vehicle. It took Poile two years to put Eleanor together from top to bottom. He had purchased her around three years ago with the intention of having her be a part of the Eleanor World Registry once she was completed. His vision became a reality and Poile’s “Eleanor” is number 215 on this distinguished registry of replicas. Complete with a “Go Baby Go” button and functioning side scoops to cool the brakes, Poile didn’t skip out on a few modern luxuries. He updated the rear end to a 4-Link rear suspension, as well as rack and pinion steering, and a 5-speed transmission to name a few, making her one of the smoothest rides to ensure she glides.



While visiting with Poile, I can see that he is not usually attached to one certain vehicle, as he doesn’t hold on to any certain vehicle for a long period of time. Once his projects are completed, he usually finds the perfect owner for the automobile. Whether it is someone who has been searching for their dream car for many years, or if it’s a project he’s never done before.


Now that Poile has started, completed, and sold multiple projects for himself, he wants to help make other car enthusiasts dreams come to life. Poile hopes to have his shop customer ready by the end of 2015. “I have my dream car, now I want to give the customers the joy of having their project car finished by someone who truly enjoys the automobile and respects the customer’s wishes.” Whether customers want to keep the vehicle as close to original, or to make custom changes, Poile is getting ready to venture on his own and make these visions a reality. “I’m willing to do what the customer wants so they can enjoy their vehicle and use it for what they always dreamed of.” Poile does not want the usual collision repair customers that most body shops do. Build my Hotrod Body Shop will be unique in the sense that Poile will strictly handle restorations and customizing of street rods. “I love working on muscle cars and street rods, so that would be the target market that I’m looking for. I want to bring something back to its original glory or customize a vehicle to the owner’s liking.”


Not only does Poile enjoy the body work aspect of the restoration process, but he also enjoys the mechanical side of things. “I do the engines, the transmissions, the rear suspensions, the interiors, pretty much from top to bottom.” Poile can handle almost every part of a vehicle’s restoration, and what he cannot handle, he finds local businesses to help him out. After being in the automotive repair business for most of his life, Poile has cultivated many relationships with those in the business and he knows many different places where he can get what he needs to get the project done. The best part is that he knows the value of a local business and utilizes these businesses whenever the need arises. “I want to get the customer involved in the customizing and designing of their projects and complete them the way they would like it.”


Knowing how the process goes, Poile will have his shop set up for projects that will make the restoration go smoothly. One side of his shop is going to be set up strictly for the paint booth portion of the build and will be free from debris, while the other side will be ready for the other processes necessary. Keeping his shop in prime condition for customers helps show the respect Poile has for projects.


Poile has been restoring his own vehicles since 1973. He got his start in the automotive industry by working under his Uncle Jim at a shop he managed. “He hired and trained me and I’ve taken over as manager since he left. I had been doing the body work for this company for 25 years before I was managing for the past 15 years. In my spare time I was always doing my own projects out of my garage.”


If you have a project you’ve always wanted done and just haven’t found the body shop that fits you, be sure to give Poile a call and meet him yourself. If I were in the market, I would want to get on his list now before his shop opens and the wait list is started. Build My Hotrod - where the customer vision is the drive for the restoration.


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